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61st Faenza Prize 2020

International Competition of Contemporary Ceramic Art

The International Competition of Contemporary Ceramic Art is without thematic restrictions and it is open to individual artists or groups without age restrictions. For collective works, the artists must nominate one representative who will be the liaison during every stage of the competition. Participation may also be arranged by Ministries, Cultural Organizations, Associations etc. Each competitor may present only one work of 6 cubic metres maximum size. Works can be created using any ceramic technique. The works can include the use of other materials but the majority should be ceramic.

The artists must declare that the works belongs to them, that they have been created in the last two years and that they have not been entered into other competitions.  A priority will be given to sculptural works or installations that favour the innovation and convey a marked contemporary connotation. In fact, the Faenza prize has been characterized over the years by an avant-garde approach and topical choices of great contemporaneity: it must be the mission to pursue. The artists who have won the 59th Faenza Prizes, and who have participated in the special edition “Ceramics Now!” will not be allowed to participate in the 61st edition.

The Competition is divided in 2 separated sections: one reserved to artists under 35 years old (within December 31st 1984) and the other for artists over 35 years old. The Jury, during the works of selection for the final step of the Competition, is allowed to see the curricula of the participants.

On February 23rd, 2020 the International Jury has concluded the online selection of the work to be admitted to the final phase of the 61st Faenza Prize 2020. Artist in rappresentation of 62 countries presented 539 works (37 “under 35” e 402 “over 35”). The Jury examined the photograps of the works and assigned each work a score from 1 to 5. By virtue of this score, 58 artists from 24 nations (Algeria, Belgium, China, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, United States, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan) were selected, 35 of them in the “over 35” category and 23 in the “under 35 category.

Competition Faenza Prize Rules .

The 61st Faenza Prize exhibition was firstly postponed, then definitely cancelled, without awarding prizes, due tu the sanitary emergency caused by Covid-19. From January to Marche 2021, the selected artists were promoted on-line trought weekly talks.


61 ° Faenza Talks Award

A series of live presentations on the social channels Facebook and Youtube of the MIC of Faenza of the artists selected at the International Competition of Contemporary Art Ceramics – Faenza Prize.

The “61st Faenza Talks Prize” are an unmissable opportunity for the public to learn about the main contemporary artistic themes applied to ceramic sculpture and to come into direct contact with over fifty artists from all over the world. Some members of the jury (Judith Schwartz, Professor of New York University; Irene Biolchini, MIC guest curator, Claudia Casali, director of MIC Faenza; Ranti Tjan, director of EKWC, Alberto Salvadori, director of ICA Milan) are the moderators of the debate.


  1. Claudia Casali (Direttrice MIC Faenza) meets Safia Hijos, Paolo Porelli, Stephanie Marie Roos, Roy & Erez Maayan
  2. Irene Biolchini (guest curator MIC Faenza) meets Victor Agius, Frank Louis, Ekaterina Panikanova, T-yong Chung
  3. Judith Schwartz meets Helmie Brugman, Noemi Iglesias Barrios, Laurey Ellen Finneran, Fausto Salvi, Jacqueline Tse
  4. Claudia Casali meets Sofia Aguilera, Francesco Ardini, Michela Benedan, Giulia Bonora, Ion Fukazawa
  5. Ranti Tjan meets Natasja Alers, Julia Himmelmann, Hardiansyah Nur, Jp Racca Vammerisse, Yu Tanaka
  6. Judith Schwartz meets Antonella Cimatti, Sofia Beça, Nicola Boccini, Tommaso Corvi Mora, Viktória Maróti
  7. Ranti Tjan meets Lena Kaapke, Kristina Rutar, Priyanka Sharma, Tetsuya Tanaka, Binji Zhu
  8. Irene Biolchini meets Iva Brkic Walter Iva, Jovana Cavorovic, Lorenzo Cianchi, Christine Yiting Wang, Dawid Żynda
  9. Irene Biolchini meets Monika Grycko, Peter Christian Johnson, Yves Malfiet, Rob Ruimers, Eileen Sussholz
  10. Claudia Casali meets Matteo Lucca, Makiko Nagai, Julian Stair, Anne Marie Van Sprang
  11. addendum: Paolo Porelli’s presentation

Edition Year: 2020


Start Subscriptions: 2019-09-30

End Subscriptions: 2019-12-19


Start Selections: 2020-01-20

End Selections: 2020-02-19


Start Awards: 2021-04-30

End Awards: 2021-04-30


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