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Alison and Nick Shanks

My name is Alison Shanks and with my son, Nick Shanks, we would like to present to you a proposal for a Robotic Porcelain sculpture. Nick is a Robotics artist and I am a Ceramics artist, I work predominantly in Porcelain. We both feel that Porcelain and Robotics are an interesting combination. They are both manufactured and also both have a controversial history. We would like to make proposal to make a robotically controlled Porcelain Sculpture called “Drone-Head”. Its subject matter will be Facial Recognition Technology and its implications upon our lives. We currently have another Robotic Porcelain sculpture on show at the Korean International Ceramic Biennale in South Korea. This recent collaboration between us in Korea is about the current Opioid Crisis. This sculpture is called “The Disintegrating Head” and is part of our installation called “The Opioid Dialogue”. Please see my website, for some images or please just click the link below for a short two minute Vimeo video of our installation. Our subject matters are contemporary, controversial and political.

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