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Van Loon & Taskin

Van Loon and Taskin as Dutch Couple Ceramics working since 1999 in Breda .Both artists look for experiment, driven by their love for clay and the challenges this material offers to them. They liberate ceramics from its traditional boundaries, by imposing their ideas on form, upon this material, but at the same time by accepting and adapting the now and then very spontaneous results, generated by this known and yet not always known matter.Thems recent work uses the mould-archive, in other words, the plaster moulds and plaster prints Johan Van Loon made of nature in his daily environment. It are structures the master kept to, one day, use in his work. Gökhan deconstructs and constructs these moulds and prints into unique new forms, more or less vessels. They become an abstraction of the archetypical container. He calls this series of work “Segmentation of Johan Van Loons structures”. Johan Van Loon and Gökhan Taskin present their work as “Playful Vessels”


Van Loon Johan

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