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200 X Chopin

Artista : Brach Stanisław



Altezza (cm): 30

Larghezza (cm): 400

Profondità (cm): 800

Materia e tecnica: porcelain

Tecnica: porcelain

Stato di conservazione dell'Opera: restituita

Materiali e tecniche


This sculpture project was inspired by Chopin as a man but most of all as a music genius. My starting point was his distinctive head, the centre of intellect and genius. Its simplified form, with no redundant detail, and the character of the face, nose and hair reflect all that Chopin was and all that he has been for me. The multiplication of form and the way it is positioned in space are aimed at intensifying the power encapsulated in this man and his music. The dynamic composition enclosed within the perfect shape of the square as well as the selection of porcelain for material are intended to confirm Chopin lovers’ confidence in the beauty of his unique music that has had an invariably universal impact that transgresses cultural borders.

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