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A dwelling in infinite brightness

Artista : Hsu Chih-Chi



Altezza (cm): 17

Larghezza (cm): 19

Profondità (cm): 16

Materia e tecnica: white stoneware, white slip

Tecnica: coil building, sanding

Stato di conservazione dell'Opera: restituita

Materiali e tecniche




Life is good, but life is tough as well. To face the heavy part of the life, I try to stride across with a buoyant and graceful attitude. Smiling is like a curve to brave difficulty. To face the pressures of society and over-expanding rationale, I try to respond with intuition and perception. By sculpting a poetic life dwelling, I am pursuing the pure belief and the value that was lost, while accepting the unknowable future. I am finding the possibility of the fluid space and a reality without gravity.

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