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Clayograph 1

Artista : Baban Andra Alida



Altezza (cm): 42

Larghezza (cm): 30

Profondità (cm): 1

Materia e tecnica: paperclay, stains, glazes (old suitcase, romanian traditional hand embroidered towel)

Tecnica: slab building, screen printing on damp slip

Stato di conservazione dell'Opera: donazione

The piece is part of my MA degree project entitled “Clay-o-graphs”. Each piece takes inspiration from a different family picture usually depicting a crucial moment in life like funeral or wedding but also simple moments of joy in the family. It is a personal travel back in time and also a short reconstruction of personal history. My wish was to recreate the feeling of old,almost decomposing pictures but also try incorporate the texture of paper in the works.

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