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Coachin cray drawing water container “Dreams”

Artista : Akazawa Yoshinori



Altezza (cm): 16

Diametro (cm): 16,2

Materia e tecnica: Half porcelain earthenware; after it dries, I was drawing by cray like slipware some lines. High fire baking with lower glaze (Cochin).

Tecnica: By hand, potter's wheel. By hand shaping form and cray drawing some lines, high upper without glaze, after lower glaze by hand painting.

Stato di conservazione dell'Opera: donazione

I pray. I create a work as means by intuition give by prayer by the Creator. Creation for me is a miracle of the Creator expressed through me. Pains of people, thirst are treated, and this miracle will lead it to happines.
I create it. I make a model of nature and create it to become natural form. So that space forms the earth, and it is the art that the earth creates a stone and jewels. I create to clarify nature and human relations. I create it. When I warm an old thing and find something that is new.

Water is origin of life. Water container can fill only water without drinking, and it used to formal at the tea ceremony. Because it roles by water to keep and to change atmosphere of the room at tea ceremony. As for the tea ceremony, a tea service set symbolizes a macrocosm by being affected by Zen. A water container for the tea ceremony symbolizes water in space and relations with a human being. As for Cochin, this line, vividness of a color is characteristics. High technology is demanded froma a line of the soil which I heaped up not to join with other colors. The colors are beautiful so that the glaze which I used lead for is used is possible. When vitrificaction completely passes, transparency increases and shines.

When I close my eyes, I remember an afterimage of lights. The Creator gave me; have a dream. A line of light appears and disappears. A dream comes true by thanking you and becomes reality. “Dreams” I have named it from its straight lines of whithe light in blue purple space. This has a role to symbolize the relations from a dream to reality, and reality to a dream. A dream and reality seem to be miracles. I thank for all relationships.

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