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Artista : Adam Doina



Altezza (cm): 200 (installation)

Larghezza (cm): 525 (installation)

Profondità (cm): 225 (mirror)

Materia e tecnica: white porcelain, glass, wax, bonemeal epoxi, metal, reflective yarn monofilament, stainless steel mirrors, fabric

Tecnica: cast porcelaine, hand-embroidery, hand knited reflective yarn and monofilament

Stato di conservazione dell'Opera: restituita

“Dodona” installation’ s dimensions are variable and include: two porcelaine trees, one stainless steel mirror, six fabric panels hand-embroided with riflective yarn knited monofilament and reflective yarn bluelight.

According to Herodotus, the oracle was a woman who interpreted the rustling of the wind in the oak trees as well as the sounds of copper vessels being struck. The oracle was fables to enter a trance-like frenzy while delivering her responses to questions written on lead tablets. Man’s divine nature is dependent upon his human nature.

Dodona: hybrid products of memory and contemporary experience, expressions of both local and global experience, meditation tools for reflection and spiritual enlightenment, all things with a specific past and caring a particular energetic value destined in time to perish. A santuary in evoked – the impact – provoking the subjective involvement of the viewer: symbolics – justaposed and overlapped…spiritual and material, the visible and the invisible, the temporal and the eternal, mirrors carries of multiple meanings between fiction and reality. The objective is to trap the power within a space intended for Gods and Humans together. “The sancuary’s potential” as a tool for building bridges, as a catalyst. The experience: is about change, growth, meditation, discovery, movement, transformation and continuously expanding one’s vision of what is possible…as a way to offer a focusing experience in a society buzzing with change.

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