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Jarrón sobre Paño y Taburetes



Height (cm): 90

Width (cm): 50

Depth (cm): 40

Weight (kg): 6

Technique: I used stoneware fired at cone 6 for the flower vase. The flower vase was thrown and the flowers were individually hand-built. As for the plastic stool , I used earthenware slip and casted them in a mold I previously made then I fired at cone 06. The floor tiling is also earthenware fired at cone 06. For surface I used a combination of different glazes, underglazes and china paints.


Year of completion: 2018

My most recent body of work is centered on exploring and reviewing the classical still life format, trompe-l’oeil traditional ceramic plates and objects that trick the eye. I delight in sculpting intricate floral forms, as well as fruits and fabrics in order to create new scenarios inspired by tradition. In these scenes I include contemporary gestures or surprises to create duality and visual discordance, by doing so I invite the viewer to consider new ways of interpreting classical imagery and aesthetics. I use nostalgia, humor and playfullness to address subjects such as domesticity, class and heritage. Jarrón sobre Paño y Taburetes takes in to consideration all of this, a piece that reflects on the language of objects and ceramics itself, its history and the space it occupies in our post-modern society.

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