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Artista : Aki Toshiro



Altezza (cm): 40

Larghezza (cm): 40

Profondità (cm): 12

Peso (kg): 4

Materia e tecnica: porcelain

Tecnica: slip-casting

Anno di completamento: 2014

Stato di conservazione dell'Opera: donazione

Materiali e tecniche



I use Emptiness as a theme.
The form is made from a bowl without the bottom.
I made in combination one part each.
Slip-casting it is suitable for a mass production.
However it is very difficult to completely make the same thing.
Each part is distorted by flame.
I put them together, and expressed the ring harmonized.
About why form is a ring, it’s wordplay.
In Japan, we call “utsuwa” which means vessel.
A meaning change when divide this word into two: “utsu” mean empty,
“wa” mean a ring.

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