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Reflections on site

Artista : Anderson Leah



Altezza (cm): 10

Larghezza (cm): 120

Profondità (cm): 120

Diametro (cm): 120

Peso (kg): 20

Materia e tecnica: porcelain, mirror

Tecnica: handbuilding

Note: L'opera non è stata ritirata dall'artista e attualmente si trova all'interno del Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche in Faenza.

Anno di completamento: 2014

This is a nomadic site specific sculpture. Visitors and location will always be reflected within the mirror regardless of where this work is installed. The placement of the handmade porcelain ‘glacier melts’ atop the mirror composes a three-dimensional drawing of an imaginary panorama. Gazing into the mirror, an image is formed that evokes reflection onto just how easily the subjective can be projected onto landscapes.

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