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#selfie (series)

Artista : Aaspollu Johanna



Altezza (cm): 25

Larghezza (cm): 25

Profondità (cm): 25

Diametro (cm): 25

Peso (kg): 3

Materia e tecnica: glass cube with porcelain elements

Tecnica: Glass cube has ceramic decals fired onto sides separately, then UV bonded into a cube. Elements inside are hand-modelled porcelain elements.

Anno di completamento: 2014

Stato di conservazione dell'Opera: restituita

She has finished her homework and jumps onto her bed holding a pink smartphone in one hand and mirror in the other. Snap. Tilts her head. Snap. Pouts her lips. Snap. Snap. Snap. She takes a break and uploads everything. My work is an investigation of a 14 year old girl’s personal space. How it appears on social media, leaking more information than the girl intended. The glass with imprinted decals communicates how her private space becomes over exposed to the world on social media. #peerpressure

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