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Seven daughters of Niobe – from the series Baleen Whales

Artista : Żynda Dawid



Altezza (cm): 38

Larghezza (cm): 97

Profondità (cm): 12

Peso (kg): 10

Materia e tecnica: Seven daughters of Niobe was slip casted in high-temperature porcelain, fired in 1350*C with reduction in a gas kiln.

Tecnica: The Series Baleen Whales is developt using power tools to work with plaster molds, then altered molds are cast with slip porcelain. Seven daughters of Niobe is a study of two classic shapes. Composition is based of 7 diferent object from those two molds.

Anno di completamento: 2019

Materiali e tecniche

slip cast


Seven forms represent the Niobe\’s seven daughters from Greek mythology. After the death of all her children, she was turned into a rock by Zeus to give an end in her pain. That tragic story inspired me to write a new ending by using old plaster molds that suppose to be forgotten, to give back those childrens to their mother. Turning them in rock hard porcelain at least brings them closer to their mother. Seven daughters of Niobe is a part of the series Baleen Whales where I explore old plaster molds from different porcelain factories looking for stories hidden under the dust.

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