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Supernature 10

Artista : Hijos Safia



Altezza (cm): 227

Larghezza (cm): 11

Profondità (cm): 8

Peso (kg): 8

Tecnica: Hand made with \"pinching\" technics, fired in an electrical kiln at 1250 C° and glazed after at 1050 C° with hand made enamels playing with superpositions. 10 elements are composing the proposal and it\'s a wall installation.

Anno di completamento: 2019

Materiali e tecniche



I slowly make my inner garden, half-vegetal, half-animal, to be hang on the walls within the house. It is all about ornaments and everything mixes a little here : the Rococo of the Pompadour’s flowering, the plant arabesques of the Grotesques, the bright lemons of Luca Della Robbia, the garlands of flowers and leaves adorning the facades of the cities, scales and claws chimeras and even Sonic the hedgehog of a video game…

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