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The show must go on

Artista : Rakanović Lana



Altezza (cm): installation (variable dimension, min 200-max 300)

Larghezza (cm): installation (variable dimension, min 150-max 200)

Profondità (cm): installation (variable dimension, min 100-max 150)

Diametro (cm): installation (variable dimension, min 150-max 200)

Materia e tecnica: stoneware, silicon, textile, glitter glue and plastic

Tecnica: mixed and combined

Stato di conservazione dell'Opera: restituita

I would like to present the circus called ” The Show Must Go On”.
As you know, from the beginning of modern civilization,there always existed a great variability of ways to entertain and how we developed our society,the circus shows became more complicated and demanding. But life of the performers isn’t always fun and amazin , it is more often cruel.
Once I read about a circus in America, about a women trapeze artist called Desi Espana. She didn’t put the safety ropes on her self and she fell and died ,in the middle of her act. The other performers moved her body into a box and the show continued like nothing has happened.
When I read this I was shocked by the way they controlled themselves and how professional they were, that nothing could change or stop the show, not even death .
I always wondered how many accidents like this happen ?

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