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Various Works

Artist : Pschorn Sarah



Height (cm): 65

Width (cm): 120

Depth (cm): 40

Weight (kg): 30

Material: ceramics clay glaze painting stoneware

Technique: A mix of all kinds of ceramic techniques (like hand building and wheel throwing) and different firing temperatures. I use Clay and Porcelain and assamble it with found objects after firing.

Notes: I always install my works as a group, so I would like to present them in this combination. I have tried to send an email to make sure, if this is possible. If this is not possible, I would like to submit the work that I uploaded as a single photo.

Year of completion: 2020-2022


Other awards

Monica Biserni Award

L’artista costruisce collage tridimensionali con argilla, porcellana e oggetti di recupero, come le coppette da gelato in vetro tipiche della sua infanzia. I recipienti servono come ricettacoli per le sue idee e pensieri. Combina forme storicamente note, soprattutto del periodo barocco, con gesti scultorei spontanei e un linguaggio formale individuale e distintivo per creare vasi dallo splendore folgorante. Le sue opere si interrogano sullo Zeitgeist attuale e sul valore dei materiali.


The artist builds three-dimensional collages from clay, porcelain and recovered objects, such as glass ice-cream cups that she knows from her childhood. The vessels serve as receptacles for her ideas and thoughts. She combines historically familiar forms – especially from the Baroque period with spontaneous sculptural gestures and a distinctive individual language of form to create fulminant vessels of splendor. Her works question the current Zeitgeist and the value of materials.

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