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Paradiso eclettico di terra

Artist : Malfliet Yves



Height (cm): 125

Width (cm): 250

Depth (cm): 85

Weight (kg): 120

Technique: The sculptures are very heavy, nearly made with massive clay to reach natural cracks . The clay is also a mix of different clay types, call it recycled mud : black, white, red, porcelain all together . One moment fired for the first time, the sculptures got their overdose of eclectic glazes : colors, effect glazes

Notes: The installation have 6 pieces : 3 pieces are hanging on the wall and 3 pieces are staying on a wooden plank on a iron trestle. On the ground is broken white ceramics .The dimensions of the floor installation in cm. is : H 125 / W 250 / D 65 = 2,03 m³ . The dimensions on the wall installation in cm. is : H 180 / W 206 / D 12 = 0,44 m³ . All together : 2,47 m³ . The dimensions of the ground sculptures are between the H 35 / W 30 and D 22 (all in cm) each . The weight around 25 kg. The dimensions of the 3 wall pieces are H 48 / W 30 / D 12 each and the weight around 15 kg.

Year of completion: 2022

Work Status: acquisita di diritto






Other awards

Faenza OVER 35 Award


PARADISO ECLETTICO DI TERRA si riferisce al piacere di creare senza limiti e liberi da ogni vincolo artigianale, partendo da un mix colorato di argille diverse mescolate con libertà, in maniera originale superando ogni schema tecnologico. Sono opere massicce che assomigliano a pezzi geologici di terra. Su questi pezzi di “terra” è apparso l’”essere umano”: ha costruito, ha creato religioni, ha socializzato e ha creato il suo paradiso eclettico…?


PARADISO ECLETTICO DI TERRA refers to the pleasure of creating without limits and free from all craft restrictions, starting with a colorfull mix of different clays, mixed with freedom, in an original way going beyond all technological schemes. They are very massive works that resembled geological pieces cut out of the earth. On these pieces of earth, “terra”, the “human being” appeared: he built, he created religions, he socialized and created his eclectic paradise … ?

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