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A Visceral Attraction #2



Height (cm): 72

Width (cm): 60

Depth (cm): 78

Diameter (cm): 65

Weight (kg): 23

Material: Clay chamotte with a percentage of 40% for a high firing, 8 different selfmade glazes, welded metal frame.

Technique: A​ Visceral Attraction #2 is hand build and made out of thin clay slabs, shaped, pressed together and connected to a clay slab made of clay. Then the work is pushed into a rectangle shape and dried for 1,5 month. The glazes are made at Struktuur 68, Den Haag. It consists of 8 different colours, dripped onto the bisque fired work. The work is fired - while standing - two times in a gas kiln on a temperature of 1160 degrees.

Notes: Sensuality, attraction and discomfort are central themes in my work. In the process I explore and reconstruct the attraction and dissonance of the human body. I am drawn by the strong emotions the body can represent such as: desire, pain, tension, physical lust and vulnerability. With my sculptures I try to capture these emotions and recreate them into amorphous two or three-dimensional bodily sculptures by using plaster casts of the human body or shape them by hand and place it into a contrasting architectural shape.

Year of completion: 2019

A​ Visceral Attraction #2’ plays with peoples’ expectations and invites the viewer to take a closer look. On the one hand it attracts visually, but on the other it also gets under the skin of the viewer. It is a search for contradictory moods of sensuality and unsettling feelings, a quest for the raw and ambiguous spaces in both body and psyche. By pushing and stretching the sculptured body from within, it raises tension and vulnerability in the material. The fluidity of the glazes and the specific combination of colours (blue, pink, brown and white glaze) refers to a sensual, visceral and disquieting atmosphere. The work is cut into a rectangle shape, placed diagonal on a metal frame looking right into the eyes of the viewer.

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