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Das Spiel der Najaden (after Arnold Böcklin)

Artist : Pauwels Marieke



Height (cm): 359

Width (cm): 400

Depth (cm): 250

Weight (kg): 476

Material: ceramics glaze metal / metal alloy stoneware wood oxidizing atmosphere

Technique: The ceramic work consists of pieces of modeled mountains and rocks (partly hollowed out) assembled together with simpler forms of ellipses for which a mould was made. ( 1 ellipse = 120 cm L). It is glazed (sprayed) with different stoneware glazes. The wooden crate was made according to the dimensions of the ceramic work and was mounted on pallets which can be transported by pallet truck. The metal bars can be screwed together to make them easier to move.

Notes: Contemporary sculpture and installation requires an arrangement that is in relation to the space. The set-up of the work is decisive and highly specific. The work communicates in and with its surroundings. The setting -up clearly determines the context of this work and so the presentation of the work must be adapted to each particular space. Over time, the work grows in meaning, over and over again, as it is displayed in various locations. Year of realization: (total) 2021/ start ceramic part before in EKWC

Year of completion: 2021

Note dell’Artista / Artist’s statement Una roccia in un mare pietrificato, la scultura “Il gioco delle Naiadi”, costituisce l’altare all’interno della montagna. Entrando nella Montagna delle Naiadi, essa è allo stesso tempo la montagna del silenzio e la montagna della tentazione nascosta. Sul retro, un’altra opera si rivela, sotto forma di conchiglia chiamata “Desiderio”.


A rock in a petrified sea, the ceramic ‘Naiads at Play’, forms the altar within the mountain. Entering the Mountain of the Naiads, it is at once the mountain of silence and the mountain of hidden temptation. At the rear, yet another work is revealed, in the form of the shell called ‘Desire’.

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