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Artist : Malnes Liv Brita



Height (cm): 20-50 (variable dimension)

Width (cm): 17-60 (variable dimension)

Depth (cm): 14-200 (variable dimension)

Diameter (cm): 30-200 (variable dimension)

Material: porcelain

Technique: slipcast

Notes: Display: I invite the curator to play - choosing suitable forms for the presentation according to practical conditions and the overall concept of the exhibition itself. 100 pieces of the InVertebRate-LEGO bricks in slip cast porcelain include 6 basic shapes: a straight, a 45 and a 60 degree circle piece, connecting straight or oblique modules with an endless potential of forming and reforming new original sculptures. Width- Depth- Heigth-Weight The size and weight of each sculpture and the overall presentation is depending on type and number of elements used. The complete installation (100 pieces) weighs 60 kilo. One single LEGO-piece and each sculpture in attached photo varies from: Width: 17-60 cm Depth: 14-200 cm Heigth: 20-50 cm Weight: 0,6–14,4 kg (variable dimension)

Year of completion: 2012

Work Status: donazione


slip cast


InVertebRate – LEGO

Una sensuale superficie quasi vellutata; moduli di interconnesione, strutture vertebrali o figure geometriche astratte; un punto o una linea, un triangolo, forme squadrate o organiche. Giocare con l’arte, artigianato e design. Organic-Lego, con un potenziale infinito per formare e riformare costruzioni nuove e originali, vulnerabili ma forti e meccanicamente precise. L’invertebrato – LEGO richiama forme esterne e intrinsechi modelli ripetitivi presenti all’interno della cultura e delle strutture viventi. In bilico tra il reale e l’immaginario, gli oggetti hanno qualità scultoree, con riferimenti al minimalismo, moderne tradizioni scultoree, così come un’installazione concettuale.

Playing games with concepts of art. An invitation to engage in mental discovery and tactile exploration. A sensual, almost velvety surface – modules of interconnectedness, back-boned structures or abstract geometrical figures – point or a line, triangle, square or organic shapes. Playing games with arts, crafts and design. Organic-Lego with an endless potential to form and reform new and original constructions, -vulnerable yet strong and mechanically precise, the InVertebRate – LEGO echoes external forms and intrinsic repetitive patterns found within culture and living structures. Poised between the real and the imagined, the objects have sculptural qualities with references to minimalism, modernist sculptural traditions, as well as conceptual and interactive installation.

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