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Play With Me



Height (cm): 20

Width (cm): 200

Depth (cm): 200

Diameter (cm): 200

Weight (kg): 10

Material: Performance Video Clay-Installation

Technique: Performance Video Clay-Installation

Year of completion: 2019

Play with Me is a ceramics performance and installation. The Israeli brothers Roy Maayan (ceramics artist) and Erez Maayan (performance artist) play catch with ceramics balls, counting outloud every catch. Every 100 throws are marked with a broken ball, all and all 2 brothers,1000 throws and 10 broken balls. The remains of the performance constitute an installation, an action-sculpture, embodying the playfulness and fragility of brother-relations. The piece includes the intact 10-balls installation, followed by the live performance, that is being filmed. The performance transforms the installation, and the broken-balls are presented alongside the footage that was taken. The piece is very dynamic, and can be done in part or in whole – it can include the performance + installation + video, or any part seperately. Important to note: we have much experience in participating in different art events around the world, and our previous travel fees were all taken care of by the Israeli ministry of foreign affairs, so we have every reason to believe it will be the case here, if you will accept our proposal.

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