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Destruction/ Re-construction006-08

Artista : Yang Shang Feng



Altezza (cm): 43

Larghezza (cm): 67

Profondità (cm): 46

Materia e tecnica: clay mixed with grog, colored clay

Tecnica: handbuilt, reduction fire (cone 9, 1249 °C)

Anno di completamento: 2006

Stato di conservazione dell'Opera: restituita

Humbly, I continue to observe and acquire the inner energy from nature within as the experimental direction of my innovative existence, which has always been intertwined with my project. This series of projects use flat and solid forms to represent the organic transformation of an abstract structure. The major weight and volume of the solid form verse the minor curvature and bonding of the flat form. The revolving structure contains inner tension, an unpredictable force, to reflect the natural expanding features of the continents.

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