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Don’t Forget The Essence

Artista : Zhu Binji



Altezza (cm): 40

Larghezza (cm): 15

Profondità (cm): 40

Diametro (cm): 15

Peso (kg): 3

Tecnica: Parametric design,Slip casting.

Anno di completamento: 2019

Materiali e tecniche


This work is a group of flower vessels. The inspiration comes from the kaleidoscope, which USES a prism to form beautiful patterns through the reflection of light. If you take off any one of the twenty parts of a vase and clip them together with two mirrors, you can see a complete vase through repeated copies of the mirrors. We can’t tell which is true and which is false. The mirror replicates not only the shape of the ceramic, but also the essence of the material.

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