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Double Hélice/White Twin Propeller

Artista : Falcini Charlotte



Altezza (cm): 17

Larghezza (cm): 45

Profondità (cm): 15

Materia e tecnica: waxed white earthenware

Tecnica: earthenware casting

Stato di conservazione dell'Opera: restituita

Materiali e tecniche



This sculpture has two white earthenware propeller-shaped components, to be mounted together to provide perfect harmony.
Waxing the propellers produces a warm, smooth, satin finish, like skin ; with its curves and rounded shapes, the sculpture is just asking to be touched.

First I made a mock-up of the piece, then the plaster mould around it.
After casting, I smooth it down, then sponge it.
Once dry the work is rubbed down then fired at 1000°C.
After firing, the work is rubbed down again with a very fine sandpaper, and then heat waxed.

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