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Four leaning vessels

Artista : Lees Nicholas



Altezza (cm): 36

Larghezza (cm): 70

Profondità (cm): 20

Peso (kg): 10,9

Materia e tecnica: Parian porcelain

Tecnica: thrown and lathe turned

Anno di completamento: 2014

Stato di conservazione dell'Opera: acquisita di diritto

Materiali e tecniche

tornio (foggiatura al)



Altri Premi

Premio Cersaie


This work is exploring the uncertainty that rests within the boundaries and across the thresholds of social and architectural space. I am using ceramic as a medium with which to represent the unseen experience that has to do with uncertainty and the uncanny.
This group of thrown and turned vessels demonstrate a dynamic relationship between object, light, space, and the eye of the viewer. What is perceived of the object shifts according to alterations and movement between these factors.

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